Work environment

In Denmark it is customary to place great emphasis on the work environment and there are a series of rules and laws that establish the working environment within a particular industry.

The owner of Torsmark, agronomist Soeren W. Just, is dedicated to following all applicable rules and laws related to the work environment, and his ongoing focus on such has created as safe a work place as possible.

How to create a good work environment:

•    An air cleaning system that reduces dust irritation during the sorting of potatoes
•    All warehouses and halls are vacuumed and broomed daily for dust
•    A fully automiced palleticer that reduces strain related to heavy lifting
•    A noise reduced grading line.
•    A rotation system to prevent fatigue related to repetitive monotonous work
•    All necessary and required breaks

The work environment is of great importance at Torsmark and we are continuously striving to optimise our employees’ work processes to create the best possible work conditions.

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