At Torsmark we cotrol all steps of the cultivation. We work with modern machinery that gently handles the potatoes from the time of planting through harvesting.

Our methods:

    Soil work - the soil is ploughed. Ensures loose and warm soil in the spring
    Stone and clod separation - ensures less damage, fewer diseases and bigger capasity at harvest.
    Planting  -  using modern machinery. Ensures uniform tuber size. Fertilizer is applied in the same
    opration  and placed exactly where the plants needs it.
    Spraying – With EU approved chemicals and products.
    Effective roughing where virus infected potatoes plants the field are removed.
    Windroughing  before harvest– ensures dry and lighter potatoes
    Harvesting using gentle potato harvester – Ensures a healthy and high quality product.

Fertile Potato Soil

Torsmark has 50.000 ha good potato soil at its disposal, which means that we can guarantee that any one area is maximum cultivated with potatoes once every 10 years. We can therefore grow our seed potatoes in virgin or almost virgin soil. This ensures a very high phytosanitary status.

In 2009, we are cultivating 106ha. of the Spunta variety and 43ha. of Kennebec.


Danish Quality

Choose disease free Danish potatoes of the finest quality.


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